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Libya International Conference

Together for investment and infrastructure construction

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Libya International Conference

God has endowed Libya with goods that are less like if not unparalleled, and they need only the strong will of its people. The Libyan economy through natural resources and economic opportunities that are unparalleled


  • Mining  -Farming
  • Energy  -Tourism
  • Real Estate Investment and Infrastructure
  • Free zones and transit trade

Target Projects

  • Medical projects (hospitals-clinics)
  • Commercial projects (malls - hotels)
  • Solar projects
  • Agricultural Projects
  • Infrastructure projects

Conference Program


Opening session


Presentation of strategic projects and investment opportunities

Libya International Conference for Investment and Trade

Under the generous patronage of the Chairman of the Investment Promotion and Privatization Affairs Authority, and in the presence of His Excellency the Vice President of the Presidential Council, Moussa Al-Koni, His Excellency the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity, His Excellency Ramadan Boujnah, His Excellency the Minister of State for Economic Affairs Salama Algwael, His Excellency Mohamed haweje. The Investment Promotion Authority is organizing the Libya International Investment and Trade Conference for the year 2021. which will be held in the tourist resort of Qamar al-Sahara in Libya. This year, it comes within the program of investment and trade conferences that are held on the sidelines of investments towards the south.

The conference attracts a group of international, regional and national speakers from investors, foresights and decision-makers, to present their proposals and discussion sessions. The conference also includes a presentation of "supposed projects", and our strategic knowledge partners participate in the conference.

Conference Topics



In Libya, there are countless mining opportunities for uranium, gold, iron, copper, iron, cement and silica


Libyan agricultural products are unrivaled, including olives, palms, potatoes, citrus, and others, with the advantage of the availability of land and groundwater and its proximity to large European markets.


Solar energy in Libya suffices 8 % of the Europe's electricity needs. Wind energy in Libya will be able to supply 20% of Europe's electricity needs.


A long coastal strip overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, historical cities, mountains and deserts with their attractive landmarks, beautiful and healthy lakes, and oases.

Real Estate Investment and Infrastructure

Libya needs hundreds of thousands of housing units, hotels, and others

Free zones and transit trade

This axis is considered the most important axes and is equivalent to all of them in return or more The target is two railway lines from the eastern region to southern Sudan and from the western region to Nigeria

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