Conference Objectives
  • Promote the global trend in the economic development of the region to shape new prospects.
  • Confirming the ability of investors to contain these projects and employ them efficiently
  • Enhancing future projects for their impact on the development of the region.
  • Expanding the scope of international cooperation through effective partnerships to develop human capital from creative and innovative energies to face global developments and challenges.
  • Launching a collaboration and networking platform that brings together professionals and permanent stakeholders from around the world
Conference Topics
  1. The natural resources that the region contains highlight projects that benefit it
  2. Building the virtual world of science and technology by investing in inventors
  3. Orienting capabilities in the face of global crises and challenges
  4. Investing in forms of welfare for social welfare and economic growth.
  5. Promote virtual knowledge exchange between local and international companies and specialists from all over the world.
Conference Components
  1. Keynote Speakers
  2. Discussion Sessions
  3. Interactive virtual gallery
Target Group
  1. Industry and Decision Maker
  2. Global Companies
  3. Local companies
  4. Entrepreneurs